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Innovation & Experimentation in school education

Innovation & Experimentation in school education needs to be an on-going process for various purposes such as

(i) to find out solutions to clsss room related problems viz absenteeism, lack of interest in studies, late comimg, non-compliance of teachers' instructions particularly related to doing home assignments etc by the students,

(ii) to find out stratagies of teaching which are appealing to students as well as learner effective,

(iii) to add to the corpus of knowledge innovative practices in teaching-learning and so on.

KVS introduced Innovation and experimentation Awards a few years back with a view to encouraging KV teachers to take up meaningful projects under this scheme. Though the initial response was not encouraging, the number of teachers contributing for the scheme is stadily growing.

15 teachers of KVS, Bangalore Region have been given the award in the last three years (2008,09 &10).